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Terms & Conditions 

Please read carefully. These Terms and Conditions apply to any online, email, fax, phone, and/or person-to-person customer request for services. 

1. Container Pick up: Containers are not automatically picked up. Time starts the day after the container is delivered. Customer must call the office (770-534-5360) to schedule a pickup of the container. Customer will incur $10 for each day over the included rental until the container is called in for pick up. It is the responsibility of the customer to call the office to schedule a pickup to stop the daily overage fee. 

2. Overloaded Container: State Law governs gross vehicle weight. Do not overload the container. A container is overloaded if the contents are above the top of the top rail, sticking out of the container, stacked above the walls and/or end of container, or if the weight exceeds 10 tons. Customer will be responsible for all fines associated with DOT compliance and safety for weight limits. If fine occurs due to weight exceeding the DOT limit, the customer will be responsible for the fines. Please leave a minimum of 12 inches of clearance below the top of the container. ASG Roll-Off Company, LLC reserves the right to refuse hauling of containers filled over the top of containers that exceed the legal weight limit. ASG Roll-Off Company, LLC reserves the right to terminate service if customer does not abide by these regulations. Customer agrees to pay for truck time if a container is overloaded, overweight, or if the container itself or allocation designated by the customer for service by our container is blocked so that we cannot complete the service. 

3. Overweight Container: Overweight containers are any containers when weighed at the landfill, on their certified scales are more than the tonnage included per the size of the container. All Overloaded or Overweight Containers are the customer's responsibility. Make sure all materials fit inside the container and if the container is over allowed tonnage, you will be charged $65 per ton.  

4. Cancellation & Dry Run: ASG Roll-Off Company, LLC charges $150 for any cancelled orders with less than 24 hours advanced notice. Dry run fees will apply for any unsuccessful delivery or pick up attempts due to the following reasons (Low hanging power/phone lines/ tree branches blocking directed placement, cars blocking access, materials sticking over the rails, door open on the container, containers over the 10-ton DOT limit to transport, locked gates, blocked driveways or parking lots.)  This fee covers the driver's time, fuel, and costs associated with re-routing the driver. 

5. Relocation of Container: Relocation of a container from one job site or location to another may also be assessed at rates up to $150 per event, or higher, depending on distance and time involved. 

6. Equipment: All containers and equipment used to provide the service to the customer is and shall remain the property of ASG Roll-Off Company, LLC. Customer assumes responsibility for any damage to containers beyond normal wear and tear. Customer agrees to provide ASG Roll-Off Company, LLC with access to its containers at all reasonable times in order to provide service, over surfaces that can sustain the weight and operation of ASG Roll-Off, LLC trucks serving containers on the agreed upon areas or the surroundings. 

7. Credit Card Authorization: Prepay at the time of reservation is required by credit card; we will keep that card on file until the account is at a zero balance.  We will charge fees and /or charges that can apply after the initial container delivery. We will have a 30-day window from the time of pick up to assess and determine all final fees associated with the container rental. 

8. Delivery and Pick Up of Equipment. ASG Roll-Off Company, LLC will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure timely delivery and pick up of Equipment; provided that, due to circumstances beyond our control, including, but not limited to, inclement weather, hazardous roads and/or driving conditions, traffic delays, motor vehicle accidents, delays at landfills and equipment failure, we cannot and do not guarantee delivery times or dates. ASG Roll-Off Company, LLC will not be liable to Customer under any circumstances for costs, expenses, losses and/or damages incurred by Customer in any manner relating to such delays.   Upon the delivery of the Equipment to the location as designated by Customer, Customer shall not move, transport or attempt to move or transport (either directly or indirectly) the Equipment from the designated site without prior notice to and consent from ASG Roll-Off Company, LLC, which may be withheld within the sole discretion of ASG Roll-Off Company, LLC. Customer shall be solely responsible for any fees, penalties, fines, assessments, charges, costs and expenses asserted by a third-party (including, without limitation, a towing company) incurred in connection with the movement, placement and/or use of the Equipment.   In the event of Customer’s violation and/or breach of the terms of the Rental Agreement (including these Terms and Conditions), Company may, within Company’s sole discretion and without prior notice to Customer and without any liability to Customer, pick-up the Equipment.  In addition, Company may pick-up the Equipment at any time if required to do so by local, county and/or state law or as required by order of any local, county and/or state government or agency. 

9. Waiver of Property Damage: ASG Roll-Off Company, LLC will not be responsible for damage to driveways, sidewalks, or yards if we are asked to place containers on or in these locations. We are not responsible for damage if driveways, sidewalks, or yards are the only available location to complete the container delivery. If customer feels that the container needs to be on plywood or blocked, customer must supply and provide these items as our trucks do not have a save way to haul such material. Customer must also make this request clear when providing placement instructions. 

10. Payment Terms: For 30-day account customers, all invoices are due upon receipt. A $40.00 late fee will be assessed for any invoices over 30 days and an interest charge of 1.5% APR will apply. Credit card customers must prepay at the time of reservation. 

11. Collections: Customer understands that in the event customer fails to pay in full all monies due, ASG Roll-Off Company, LLC may refer such matters to an attorney, collection agency, or file a lien against serviced property. Customer agrees to pay, in addition to any amount due, all costs incurred by ASG Roll-Off Company, LLC because of these actions, including court fees, collection fees and late fees ($50 fee will be assessed on declined credit cards and returned checks.) Accounts will be closed and sent to collections process at 90 days past due. 

12. Permits: Customer acknowledges that certain locations and/or uses of the container require a permit, license, certification or other local, municipal, city, county and/or state approval relating to the possession, placement, storage and/or transportation of the container. It is solely and exclusively the customer's responsibility for obtaining and maintaining all necessary and required permits relating to the container rental. HOA approvals are also the customer's responsibility. If our containers are delivered before you get permits and/or approvals, the customer is responsible for all fines and fees. 

13. Transaction Research: If customer needs something specific researched about their account history older than 60 days, ASG Roll-Off Company, LLC will charge a research fee of $20 an hour and/or a $10 transaction retrieval fee. 

14. Permissible Waste: While ASG Roll-Off Company, LLC containers are in customer's possession, customer shall only be permitted to place or allowed to place any of the following as permissible waste inside the containers. 

  • Construction/Demolition Waste - Waste building materials and rubble resulting from construction, remodeling, repair, and demolition operations on pavements, houses, commercial buildings, and other structures. Such waste includes, but are not limited to, wood, bricks, metal, concrete, wall board, paper, cardboard, and inert waste landfill material. Construction/Demolition waste does not include asbestos-containing materials. 

  • Municipal Solid Waste - Any solid waste derived from households, including garbage and trash, and means solid waste from single-family and multifamily residences, hotels, motels, bunkhouses, campgrounds, picnic grounds, and day-use recreation areas. The term includes yard trimmings and commercial solid waste, but does not include solid waste from mining, agricultural, or silvicultural operations or industrial processes or operations. 

  • Organic and Brush Waste - Leaves, brush, grass, clippings, shrub and tree prunings, discarded Christmas trees, nursery and greenhouse vegetative residuals, and vegetative matter resulting from landscaping development and maintenance other than mining, agricultural, and silvicultural operations. 

  • Concrete and Heavy-Duty Scrap - Waste that is predominantly concrete, rubble, bricks, metal scrap, and/or other dense materials. Clean Concrete (Concrete that has no other debris included) is transported in 20 yd containers only, and no overweight charges will apply, providing there is no other debris in the container. 10 ton DOT transport limit still applies. 

  • Regular and Commercial Tires 

  • Roof Shingles 

  • Trees and Tree Debris - Trees, tree debris, large quantities (large limbs, stumps, logs) are transported in 30 yd containers. 

15. Impermissible Waste: No chemicals, paints, solvents, gasoline or oils, are allowed in the container.  No liquids and sludge, explosives/ammunition or hazardous waste classified by landfills. Customer will be responsible for any additional fees that may incur due to transporting these types of materials and the damage that may be caused to the container. 

16. Service Agreement: This agreement sets forth the entire understanding and agreement of the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersedes all other agreements, written or oral, between the parties relating to the service. If any part of this agreement is legally declared invalid or unenforceable, all other parts of this agreement are still valid and enforceable. Such invalidity or non-enforceability will not invalidate or render unenforceable any other portion of this agreement. 

By signing or acknowledging, you the customer are agreeing to, in essence, a binding contract in which ASG Roll-Off Company, LLC or Andy Strange Grading, or ASG, has your authorization to charge for payment (Credit Card or On Account) until the account is at a zero balance which includes after the final pick up of your container for any delivery, overweight, or rental charges. You are also acknowledging a liability waiver to any property damage caused to driveways, sidewalks, or yards to complete the container delivery. 

ASG Roll-off 
Office: 770-534-5360 

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